Terms & Conditions

  1. Minimum booking time 1 hr, maximum booking time 3 hrs.
  2. Passenger has to check bill and trip sheet before put signature on the bill and trips sheet .passenger is sole responsibility for credit bill.
  3. Any luggage or belongings lost in the cab concerned person have call office and collect from same place.
  4. All trips assigned with company norms.
  5. All trips will plan as company instructions. (Normal map)
  6. Only respective person have to make booking.
  7. Minimum waiting time for meter tariff at any point 1 ½ hrs only, more than 1 ½ hrs it will concern as 3 hrs package.
  8. First 4 KM 100Rs additional KM 13 Rs. (Indica A/C duty only)
  9. Prepaid bill method will be on roll. After completion of 50% amount from the deposit with us we will intimate to company or respective person. (Top-up method)
  10. Monthly bill submission to the office. Daily basis e-mail bills will be sending to respective person.
  11. in case any Extra luggage will be charge as per Kg.
  12. Passanger have travel as per company travel paln.incase of personal use passenger have pay separately for that.
  13. Driver will use all main roads only and passenger should not insist to travel in shot cuts. If driver using any short cut roots passenger can inform to the office.
  14. Passanger has check driver name and ID number before boarding to the cab.
  15. Incase of any complaint about driver or his service, passenger have informed to the office first.
  16. Any break-down of cabs while travelling, another cab will be arranged based on the availability.